Mortal Kombat: Armageddon


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Special Moves

Inner Fire
Ring of Hatred
Godly Charge
Speed of Light

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Special Moves

Inner Fire
Ring of Hatred
Godly Charge
Speed of Light

Alternate Costume

Alternate Costume


Taven finally completed the quest by slaying Blaze with the sword I left for him in my temple.
As intented, the godlike energy passed through him, transforming him into a full god.
The surge of power then passed through the armor given to him by his mother an was dispersed into every kombatant within the crater.
The result was intented to strip them of their special powers, but Blaze had been corrupted long ago by the Dragon King's holy men.
Instead of nullifying the kombatants' power, it made them stronger than before!
The quest was a failure! May the Elder Gods forgive me!

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Konquest Ending

My world has been ripped to pieces.
I awoke in a foreign realm, forced to complete a quest set forth by my parents, Argus and Delia.
This quest, though intended to save the realms, has destroyed my family.
My brother, Daegon, became obsessed with winning the ultimate prize of full godhood and murdered our parents -- and in his madness, he sought to destroy me as well.
Orin and Caro, dragons loyal to our family for ages, were not spared from the curse this quest has wrought.
Daegon enslaved Caro to serve his own ends; the sorcerer Quan Chi killed Orin, who was my guardian.
Though I had nothing left, I was determined to complete the quest.
I faced many kombatants, fighting my way to the top of the pyramid until at last, I alone defeated Blaze in Mortal Kombat.
The energy released by his death passed through me, granting me full godhood.
The excess power then filtered through my armor and passed into the other kombatants.
Though this energy was to have one of two effects on them -- death or annulment of their powers -- a third, unforseen outcome resulted.
The quest did nothing to resolve the instability of the realms.
But as protector of Edenia, I vow to stave off Armageddon until a solution can be found.

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