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Kung Jin

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Unlock in The Krypt or beating the Klassic Tower with Kung Jin.


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Kung Jin is the younger cousin of the Earthrealm hero Kung Lao. When Kung Lao was killed in the war against Outworld, Kung's family's fortunes took a turn for the worse. He journeyed to the U.S. and became a thief. An encounter with Raiden changed Jin's outlook, and he joined the Shaolin Monks. Now a member of Johnny Cage's secret Special Forces offshoot, Jin's streetwise past gives him extra insight into the minds and motivations of those who would harm Earthrealm.


For his role in saving Earthrealm, Kung Jin's family created a statue in his likeness, for inclusion in Raiden's revered collection.
But Kung Jin's thoughts were with one no longer accepted by his family: Kung Lao.
Kung Jin set out to locate his cousin--and found him in the Netherrealm.
Raiden believed Kung Lao's tortured soul was forever trapped without Quan Chi's magic to free him.
But Kung JIn knew the Shaolin were stronger than any sorcerer's spell.
He vowed to help Kung Lao fight off the evil that had remade him.

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